More than a professional courier, experience the feeling of becoming a business excellence provider.


We work along with all entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses. Our services can satisfy from a diplomatic pouch delivery, to confidential mail, to parcel managing, right down to any other known last-mile eCommerce challenge.

Our Courier Services

Whether you’re working in your own official corporate building or a single office as real estate, insurance broker, or law-firm you can trust in our reliability and promptness to deliver your most important packages. With our on-demand same day delivery, you can be sure that your crucial deliveries will arrive on-time. With time-sensitive packages, the “rush delivery” would be your best option because as the fastest and most flexible option on the market. And no matter if you need a next day delivery, we will keep your business moving with scheduled pickups and deliveries, we adapt to you and or your customer needs.

Private Mail Box

If you're running a business or are considering starting one, you can use our address located in the Chicagoland area as your Permanent or Branch Office Business Address.
Private mailboxes are a wonderful asset to any business or person wanting a confidential and safe mailing address, discreet correspondence can be sent here and forwarded to you in a new envelope by USPS or using one of our services with special rates tailored just for you.
Some of the advantages include:
• Orders and profits: Potential clients are more likely to respond to a street address in their local area than to a PO Box.
• Professional appearance: Businesses with a street address are seen as a long-term business operation.
• Safety for home operated businesses: Customers will not be able to show up at your house in prudent hours.
• Mail and parcel check: We will inform you by email or text when we have received that important parcel.
• We will accept your packages: So long to the days of getting frustrated for stolen packages at your doorstep. We will receive your packages from DHL, UPS, FedEX or any other shipping company. fees may apply

About Rempli

Rempli Inc. is an Illinois based company, which has served businesses located along the Chicago suburban and metropolitan areas.

Our CEO Roberto Miranda has worked in the most renowned, international shipping companies (e.g, UPS, DHL). He has a degree in computer systems and while finishing his degree, found the computer term Full Stack Developer as a perfect comparison on how shipping companies operate. A Full Stack Developer is a developer who knows how to code both the front end of a web page (the view) and the back end (" engineering” of a web page). Figuratively, in the previous companies he has worked for, he found that in UPS he gained experience in the front end (the surface of a company) and gained experience at DHL in the backend (the behind the scenes of a company). The front end pertained to customer service including answering phone calls, requesting quotes, asking for service details, demanding solutions, solving claims, and understanding "customers want" (e.g, fast and reliable service without a fail, while also considering cost management). The backend included experience in all departments relating to the Operation area, completing all different tasks and questions, taking further steps than necessary on the job, and anticipating all the causes, both future and present, in which a delivery can fail. All these past experiences have led to Roberto Miranda’s success in winning first place numerous times in sales contest, and eventually leading to this successful corporation.

We understand how important your business and shipped crucial documents and parcels are to both you and your client. We at Rempli Inc. understand the importance of an immediate response and most importantly asks the important questions of “why do other delivery services fail?”, "why other courier(s) have not delivered all their packages?", and “how do we at Rempli Inc. avoid it?” To ensure maximum success, all included and additional scenarios are considered with the utmost priority to increase the performance, KPI, and completion of all Rempli deliveries. In order to provide you reliable and on time service, Rempli is always innovating with the latest technologies and equipment standard for the industry.

You can count on the professionals at Rempli to make that all important great first impression each time we make a delivery on your behalf with Safety and Confidentiality.

Our most demanding uses case:
Documentation · Mail Delivery · Residential Delivery · Business Delivery · Bank Deposits · Court Filings · Contracts · Legal · Mortgage & Real Estate

Our industries:
Accounting Firms · Advertising Agencies · Entertainment Companies · Home Builders · Insurance Companies · Manufacturing Companies · Physician Offices · Dentist Offices · Home Inspection Agencies · Printing Companies · Architectural Companies · Law Firms · Technology Companies · Travel Agencies · Office Retail · Title Companies · Loans Companies · Banking and Mortgage/Finance Companies · Health Facilities · Real Estate Offices

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